Our Methdology

Methodology & Concept

The academic programs at Aatmdeep are value based and are planned with precision, keeping in mind the needs of every student and the changing dynamics of the competitive examinations. The programs focus on the overall development of students by balancing tradition, technology and professionalism to help them stay ahead of their peers and plan accordingly to realize their dream of cracking JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCED, AIIMS, AIPMT etc.

The salient features of teaching methodology at AATMDEEP ACADEMY are:

Regular & Well Structured Lectures

  1. A lecture usually comprises the following:
    • Assignment discussion.
    • Booklet Discussion.
    • Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Discussion.
    • Theoretical and conceptual learning.
  2. Theoretical learning consists of Theory related to important concepts/ fundamentals coupled with derivations of formulae and scientifically designed illustrative examples for thorough learning.
  3. The doubts in the problems of assigned homework are discussed in the next class with interactive participation of the students.


  1. Assignments are used as a powerful tool for concept building. They are prepared chapter wise and contain elementary questions.
  2. Assignments are designed in a well thought manner to help the students in developing a fundamental understanding of concepts and prepare their base so that they gain confidence in the preparation.
  3. The students are asked to attempt the questions of the assignments of that particular topic immediately after the lecture, on daily basis for immediate revision.


  1. A Booklet is a chapter wise composition of theory content and problems.The students are asked to attempt these questions once the lecture on the chapter is completed.
  2. Approximately, 25 to 30 Booklets of each subject are given to JEE or medical aspirants. For class IX and X students, this number varies according to the syllabus of respective boards.
  3. At the end of each Booklet, problems are sequentially segregated into three exercises:
    • Exercise-1
      • Level-1 consists of objective type conceptual problems, which require fundamental knowledge of the topic.
      • Level-2 has problems with high difficulty level.
    • Exercise-2
      • It consists of variety of problems like Match the Column, Comprehension, Assertion & Reason, True & False, subjective and Fill in the Blanks with the objective of practicing almost all the variety of problems.
    • Exercise 3
      • It consists of problems asked in IIT-JEE/AIEEE/AIPMT in previous years.
    • Supplement provided afterwards consists of even tough problems for more practice.
  4. The answers to all problems are provided at the end of the Booklet for reference.

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)

  1. Daily Practice Problems are popularly known as DPPs. One DPP is given per lecture.
  2. The purpose of DPP is to revise all the concepts taught till that lecture.
  3. Generally, a DPP consists of 5 -10 Problems.
  4. The Discussion on problems of DPP is done in the next lecture.

Doubt Removal Classes

  1. Doubt Removal Class is a “One to One” Discussion between the student and the teacher. It is an effort to give a Personal Attention to each student and motivates them to focus on their target with greater energy and enthusiasm.
  2. It is a regular facility available at Aatmdeep throughout the academic session for all the classes.
  3. The faculty members are available at scheduled time for Doubt Removal at Faculty room.

Board Preparation

  1. Board preparation assignments are provided for each chapter of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for the students of class XII.
  2. The entire syllabus of class X board examination is covered in the regular classes of AFC-X, which are conducted separately for each board.
  3. Special attention is given to school examination of Class IX and XI.
  4. Special Test Series for Board and School Examinations is conducted in the last phase of the academic session. These tests are prepared and examined by the board experts.


  1. Tests are conducted regularly based on the recent pattern of various competitive examinations.
  2. Apart from this, the test series consisting of about 10 tests are organized for thorough preparation to cover all vulnerable areas in the preparation in the last phase of academic session.
  3. Special Test Series for Board and School Examinations is conducted in the last phase of academic session. These tests are prepared and examined by the board experts.